BIG update

19 02 2009

Hey guys,

So yeah, yesterday was kind of a big day for me. I’ve managed to become a radio DJ. Now, okay, it’s not commercial radio, but it’s home. I get an average of around 20 listeners, sometime more, sometimes less… It’s become quite a hobby – and I hasten to add the fact that its broadcast LIVE!

I’m trying to find a show that I can do every week (maybe two different days). My DJ name is DJ Green, becasue I felt like making it that.

You can listen up at: 
If the radio isn’t working, it may be that there are no live DJs. I’m going to find a time and day that I can do a show every week.


In other news,

Eric released the latest fsbreak show involving himself, Jordan Green and Adam (Adz from the forums)

So, listen in.


Kindest regards,


FSBreak Episode 3

12 02 2009

Hey all,

The latest FSBreak episode has been released.

It features real life pilot, and 20 year simmer Mark Stewart, along side Eric McClintock and I.

You can download, or stream it at

It’s quite a long show, so the file size is quite big, so bear that in mind.


Kindest regards,

Hey again

7 02 2009

Sorry about the late post; it’s been a long week.

The Podcast was released on Wednesday. It’s great, remember to download it at
 It features Eric, Adam, and me. Remember to listen at the end. 


Also, I’ve just finished recording next week’s podcast with Eric, and a special guest star Mark. It was great – so remember to download it this Wednesday (11th Feb). 

Thanks guys for the support, it’s been great.


Kindest regards,


31 01 2009

FsBreak Episode 2 was recorded today. It’ll be out on Wednesday at

It went very well. Eric and I, were pleasured with the company of Adam, from the Fszone forums. 

I can’t give much away, but a couple of new sections were added, and we read out some emails.

Thanks for the support in the last week. It’s been fantastic. We’ve had over 1000 downloads of the podcast, and still rising.


Make sure to check back for the podcast, on Wednesday 4th Janruary.


Kindest regards,



29 01 2009

Hello simmers,

On behalf of fsbreak, I would like to thank everybody who has listened to the show.

There have nearly 1000 downloads in the first day! It’s amazing.

Eric is trying his hardest to answer the emails, to please be patient; there’s been an overwhelming amount of messages sent his way.

It would be great to hear from you, so we can know what to keep, and what to improve in the show.

Remember, if you want to get the fsbreak show, either go to or subscribe to the iTunes feed – which will have the show automaticly downloaded to your computer or iPod every week! How cool is that?!

So, again, thanks for the support on the show. It’s very much appreciated.

Kindest regards,

FsBreak is Released!

28 01 2009

Hello there,

Today is the day where FsBreak is released. It’s a weekly audio show, discussing all things flightsim, and aviation.
It’s Hosted by Eric McClintock (Fox from FsZone). It’s Co-hosted by me – Cam (Milk from the forums).

You can find it at: 

For more info, go to our ‘Fsbreak‘ page!

Nearly there

26 01 2009

This Wednesday, you’ll be finding out, for the first time, what ‘Fox‘ has been working on for the past while.
You’ll be able to listen to the Podcast, and other things.

The podcast will be a weekly audio show, that’ll come out every Wednesday. It’ll discuss all things ‘Flight Sim’, aviation news, and anything in relation to our hobby.
I’m exited about this, and I hope that you all enjoy it.

Make sure to check back here on Wednesday for more information.


Kindest regards,